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40th Annual Conference
on Sail Training And Tall Ships 2013
February 4 - 6, 2013

sheraton erie bayfront hotel - erie, pennsylvania

Safety Under Sail and Education Under Sail Forums
February 4, 2013

40th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships
February 5 - 6, 2013

Noon to Noon: A Record Run
Fine tuning programs, operations and crew for maximum success

The watch are awake, alert, on deck, and ready for, what's our goal, and how do we achieve it? How do we get the most out of the skills, hearts, and minds now standing by on our bonny ship?

Experienced shipmasters know that small adjustments can make a big difference over 24 hours: in terms of course and distance made good, in overall safety, in rate of wear and tear on the ship and crew, felicity of the crew and students’ experience, management of resources, and success of the big-picture mission.

Translating this into a general approach to conference topics, we will focus less on big concept new ideas and systems, and more on fine tuning business, programs and operations to make the incremental gains that aggregate to maximize success.  In many ways, these are harder to find, and harder to stick to until they are proven or disproven, because they do not compel the attention like big, bold new ideas.  Yet, in the long run (noon to noon and year to year), they can save or sink a ship or program. 

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Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel

Its convenient location near State Street in the heart of Erie’s Bayfront Marina District makes this stylish hotel, located next door to the Erie Maritime Museum and the US Brig NIAGARA, the premier waterfront hotel on Presque Isle Bay providing business and leisure travelers access to the historical and cultural wonders of northern Pennsylvania. Over 200 guest rooms, seven meeting rooms and 5,800 square feet of flexible meeting space makes the Sheraton Bayfront Hotel an ideal conference destination.


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