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41st Annual Conference on Sail Training

And Tall Ships 2014
February 3 - 5, 2014

Wyndham San Diego Bayfront Hotel - San Diego, CA
Preliminary Agenda

Preliminary Agenda
(subject to change)
Saturday, February 1 & 2: Pre Conference Workshop
Marine Engineering for Deckineers
This workshop will focus on the dark arts of marine engineering.  While we all like to think of the glamour of passage making under sail, it is the heavy iron and critical systems out of sight below decks that allow us to safely and efficiently move our vessels from port to port, providing learning experiences to crew and trainees alike.  The engineering duties on most small passenger vessels and sailing school ships can be handled by someone with additional deck department duties, however anyone calling themselves the Engineer, or being given the title, should possess at least a basic understanding of diesel and gasoline engine mechanics, electrical theory and installation and plumbing systems. Over the course of the two days, participants will have the opportunity to learn from a host of maritime professionals (mechanics, engineers, inspectors, project managers) about the theory and application of marine engineering aboard auxiliary sailing vessels, through lecture, case study and hands on demonstrations. 
Day 1 - Saturday, February 1
0800 1700  
Basics of Diesel Mechanics
      Principles of combustion
      Fuel systems
Shipboard Electrical Systems
      Direct Current
      Alternating Current
      Marine Electronics
Shipboard Plumbing
      Potable Water
      Sewage Systems
      Bilge Systems
      Fire Fighting Systems
Engineering Regulations
      USCG Subchapter T (Small Passenger Vessel)
      USCG Subchapter R (Sailing School Vessel)
      ABYC Standards
      The importance of marine specific equipment
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