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41st Annual Conference on Sail Training

And Tall Ships 2014
February 3 - 5, 2014

Wyndham San Diego Bayfront Hotel - San Diego, CA
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Opening Remarks, Welcome & Introductions
Keynote - Dr. Raymond Ashley
Housekeeping notes
Focus Sessions 1
  1A Advanced Marine Weather
Advanced Marine Weather - Strong high pressure will build over New England with NE winds building off the mid-Atlantic to 30 knots and seas 10 to 14 feet. Low pressure is expected to rapidly intensify off the Washington Coast and track inland over Vancouver Island. These examples are typical language used in marine forecasts. The words and graphical marine forecasts available today are the result of a 100 plus year global effort to understand the sciences of meteorology and oceanography and apply that knowledge in operational observing and prediction systems. Credible and actionable predictive information has been and continues to be the goal. This talk, through examples, will discuss the skill of marine weather prediction, the limitations, and the challenges.
  1B New Program Showcase A
1. America's Freedom Sailor
Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, America’s Freedom Sailor is a non-profit organization with a mission to build the largest accessible tall ship in the world, and the only one in the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 2013, there are over 70 million people with disabilities in the U.S., as well as thousands of wounded American soldiers. America’s Freedom Sailor’s goal is to accommodate people with disabilities, along with their family and friends, to explore the high seas. New Orleans is a major port city, and the perfect location to launch America’s Freedom Sailor. This innovative concept will introduce shipbuilding and universal design in the United States. The time is now for America to spread goodwill globally and become the leader in the advancement of people with special needs
2. iGyre
iGyre is a citizen science program to engage sailors and crew on vessels around the world to collect data on the abundance of plastic pollution on the ocean surface using one of our trawling nets.  We provide the net, and the collect the sample and photograph and count the plastic particles. All of this gets uploaded to a global map of the world that uses citizen science data to monitor the magnitude of the ocean plastic problem. We will be making available 10 MINI HI-SPEED TRAWLS. These are fast trawls that are easily manageable - three feet tall and wide.  With three hinges in the middle, that fold like a book.
3. Marimed Foundation
Marimed’s new program, Maritime Careers Exploration, provides adults and high school students an opportunity to explore and train for careers in the maritime field. Inspired by professional Hawaiian seafarers the new program aims to help increase the number of native Hawaiians and other Hawaii residents working in shore-based and seafaring jobs. Partial funding for the program is provided through a federal education grant.
  1C CHANGING TACKS: Benchmarking and Discovering Alternative Compensation for Your Crew
As non-profit and small business ship operators seek balance between funding constraints and manning needs, establishing a compensation base line by position is a necessary tool for budgeting and staying competitive in the hunt for qualified crew. Through anonymous surveys, data on demographics, pay scale, housing, training, and
other opportunities seen as attractive to crew have been collected. Results will be co-presented by Jonathan Kabak and Jamie Trost, with Kathleen Moore handling the analytics.

  1D Youth Forum
Individuals under the age of 26 are invited to attend a brain-storming and idea-sharing session focused on raising awareness of and participation in the Tall Ships America Youth Forum and Crew Forum with the goal of promoting the continued involvement of youth in sail training.
Refreshment Break
General Session: The Lessons of the Bounty: Drawing Experience from Tragedy
Drawing experience from tragedy – Captain Robin Walbridge apparently said, shortly before the HMS Bounty was abandoned in Hurricane Sandy, “Where did we lose control of this situation?” At first glance, the answer seemed simple: “When he made the decision to sail toward a well forecast hurricane.” However, there was more to it than that. The error chain was long and complex, and in some ways the tragedy had been foreshadowed for some time. In this talk, Captain Andy Chase will attempt to unpack the lessons we can all learn from this tragic event.
1300 Lunch Buffet
1330 Program Spotlights
1.CAPT Wes Pulver, USCG
EAGLE Seamanship Program in which civilian sail trainers can sail with EAGLE on certain Officer Candidate School voyages.
2. Paul Bishop,  Sail Training International
Programs and Tall Ships Races Update
3. Bob Palmer and Don Stark from United States Power Squadron
Tall Ships America & USPS joint MOU for nationwide cooperation on boating education programs
Focus Sessions 2
  2A When to Call in the Pros
While our Captains and Crews are fully capable of handling our vessels at sea, the murky waters of shipyard haulouts and refits often have us asking our personnel to perform tasks that are not part of their everyday jobs.  Whether it’s the newest deckhand learning to caulk or the captain submitting design drawings for plan review, there is often an opportunity to call in experts and  trade professionals, not without significant cost to assist with the process.  This session will discuss the utilization of traditional maritime tradespeople both historically and in contemporary contexts.  A panel of riggers, shipyard managers, captains and project managers, as well as USCG Marine Inspection staff  will discuss when and how to integrate these individuals with shipboard staff to maximum advantage both economically and practically.
  2B Data Analytics I 
You've collected the numbers - now what do they mean? Social media, websites, advertising, budget increases, attendance figures, customer response - numbers mean something to how you manage your non-profit organization, your business or your festival. Does your data reflect your business objective? This session will help you learn how you can make better business decisions by mining the data you are collecting or already have. This may include using data to target your message, what data patterns mean and how small changes can yield big results.
  2C Performing Under Pressure: Training For and Responding To Crisis
Striking sail in a squall, responding to a MOB, all require a coordinated response even though your heart is pounding a mile a minute. This workshop will provide audience members with an understanding of how people tend to react, both cognitively and behaviorally, in stressful situations. Additionally, by using well-documented research and case studies, the presenter will explore factors that can influence one's response. The session will include techniques on how to modify drills/training and organizational emergency action plan so that the desired behaviors of your crew and staff are more likely.
Refreshment Break
Focus Sessions 3
Navigating the Regulatory Seas
Navigating the Regulatory Seas is Tall Ships America’s Ship Operations and Safety Committee Annual review of issues pertaining to the regulation and operation of member vessels as related to inspections, licensing and other items of national significance.
Promotions - What's the Next Great Idea?
Are you looking for a Wow Idea! for your next event or festival? This session brings together a panel of Big Idea people to help you find it. The world of marketing and promotions is changing. Special events need to find ways to engage the sponsor and the consumer so that each feels your festival is a good investment of their time and money.
Gratifying visitor experiences will make your events memorable, and help you carry them from year to year. The panel offers promotions from three perspectives: the marketing agency, the tourism agency and the big event production agency. Be prepared to ask questions.
The Living Ship Initiative: Adventuress as a Model for a Sustainable Maritime Industry
Described as the Living Ship Initiative, Captain Berger and a team of engineers and maritime sustainability experts are re-designing Adventuress’ systems to the highest standards of green design, The Living Building Challenge. Keeping with Sound Experience’s value of inclusion, they are partnering with system designers from the maritime and green building industry to envision, design and create a powerful Living Ship education platform, inspiring a model for the future of sustainable marine industries.

In addition, Rachael Miller of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean will lead an interactive presentation focusing on equipment, techniques and decisions sailors and shore-based teams can use to make a difference to our ocean planet. You will not be told to recycle (we know you already do that), this discussion is intended to do some environmental
mythbusting and introduce new, effective and implementable opportunities to reduce our collective impact.
Tuning Up Your Governance Rigging
Is it time for an overhaul in your nonprofit? This session is for (potentially bored) board members, executives or administrators who may experience governance and management on a collision course and seek clarification of leadership roles. This session will also provide tips for developing shared values and vision and revitalizing an
organization’s mission statement. In addition, participants will leave with flexible formats for enlivened meeting agendas, focused dialogue and participative group decision-making from Roberta’s Rules of Order, an alternative to Civil War era parliamentary procedure (Robert’s Rules).
Free Time
Evening Activity
Dinner aboard the Steam Ferry Berkeley sponsored by the port organizers of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Pacific Coast 2014 series
Tall Ships® Festival Los Angeles 2014, Dana Point Tall Ships® Festival 2014,
San Diego Festival of Sail 2014

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