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41st Annual Conference on Sail Training

And Tall Ships 2014
February 3 - 5, 2014

Wyndham San Diego Bayfront Hotel - San Diego, CA
Preliminary Agenda


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General Session: The Loss of the Bounty
The loss of the tall ship HMS Bounty on October 29, 2012, in hurricane conditions created by Superstorm Sandy, and the subsequent death of two crew members, prompted an investigation by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Timothy Farley, U.S. Coast Guard Deputy Chief of
Investigations and Casualty Analysis, and Captain Rob Jones, National Transportation Safety Board Marine Inspector, will discuss the status of the joint USCG/NTSB marine casualty investigation. In addition to general observations drawn from BOUNTY investigation, they will discuss the processes through which marine casualty
investigations are convened, conducted and adjudicated by the two agencies. The results of the investigation had not been published when this program went to press.
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Focus Sessions 4
  4A Data Analytics Part 2 - What are you going to do with the numbers?
Real Applications. In this panel discussion, guest speakers reveal how they have used data to improve their businesses. Learn how others have created cross-platform promotions to maximize results. From tall ship fundraising to non-profits and festivals, panelists discuss real applications that may help you drive ticket sales, revitalize off-season campaigns and increase repeat business and loyalty program performance.
Dealing With Shock Losses: how the insurance market reacts and what you can do about it
After a major loss/claim event in the industry, operators can mitigate the effects of an event that is not “their fault”. Suggestions about proactive steps to demonstrate risk and safety management to reassure skittish underwriters. This will be an interactive panel discussion, with representatives from insurance agencies, underwriters, and ship operators with real world experience.
Hot Topics in Marine Science
Ana Sofia Guerra, Stanford University
It is difficult to understand how degraded coral reefs are when you have nothing to compare them to. Fortunately, some corners of the Earth still offer the unique opportunity of studying untouched reefs. Aboard the SSV Robert C. Seamans, the Stanford@SEA class sailed from O’ahu to Palmyra Atoll, a remote and mostly pristine coral atoll, and Fanning and Kiribati, two populated remote islands that form part of the Republic of Kiribati. Their projects focused on the effect of human impact and overfishing on the abundance and behavior of herbivorous fish, and the effect of overfishing on the abundance of corallivore fish and coral disease
Emelia Deforce
The Plastic Effect: How Plastic Pollution is Changing the Ocean Ecosystem
Mirror Mirror: How your volunteer program represents your organization
How you recruit, assign, train and employ volunteers says a lot about your organization. How you identify your mission very often defines the criteria by which you choose the type of person you envision as an ideal volunteer. Conversely, the public’s perception of your organization’s goals, methods, ethics, etc.  may  lead them to or away from your door.
Annual Meeting and Elections
Focus Session 5
Social Media Makeover: Are you reaching the right people?
Using Tall Ships America as a case study, we will examine their social media portfolio, discussing what works, what does not, and how it can be improved. Organizations will be able to see what ideas they can incorporate into their own social media campaigns.
  5B Crisis Management and the Media
When a crisis happens in your organization, managing the media will be part of your response. This session will cover techniques to get your message out, training ideas for your staff who may be responding to press questions and exercises to help prepare for effective media response.
Weather 101
Ocean Prediction Center Chief Scientist, Joe Sienkiewicz, will present a general overview of our weather, exploring high and low pressure centers, isobaric patterns, frontal boundaries, and tropical weather. The presentation will focus on maritime weather, the use of Ocean Prediction Center products (focusing on the surface analysis), and
practical application exercises.
New Program Showcase B
1. United States Power Squadron
The United States Power Squadrons represents 100 years of experience in boating education and service to the recreational boating public. USPS presents a broad range of courses and seminars covering all phases of boating needs. Their educational offerings range from knot tying and seamanship to passage planning, weather, and celestial
navigation. In this presentation Bob Palmer & Don Stark will present some success stories of USPS and Tall Ships America cooperative efforts. They will explore how USPS member squadrons and tall ships can build relationships and work together to support each other’s programs and objectives.
2. New Media Means Business for Tall Ships: Meet Safe Harbor Pictures – a team of sailors, entertainment professionals and technology experts – who have set out to help grow the world of tall ships using innovative and interactive media strategies. Their premiere project Sail Away is the first of many high quality film and web series being produced with the goal of inspiring the global tall ships community to come together and share their own seagoing adventure stories in whatever creative ways they like. Featuring Safe Harbor chairman Robert Margouleff, president Jonathan Karlin and chief technology officer Christian Stark.
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Focus Sessions 6
USCG/Tall Ships America:Together on the Solution Side of Rigging Inspection
This co-presentation will provide an update on the relationship in rigging inspection including:
~ Case studies involving member vessels all with different causal factors and lessons learned messages
~ An update on the draft National Rigging Inspection Policy Note
~ Tall Ships America’s collaboration to provide input to Germanischer Lloyd for their “Guidelines for the
Maintenance and Inspection of Tall Ship Rigs”
~ An update on USCG/Tall Ships America Collaborative Rigging Inspection training courses

Program Showcase C
1. Pride in the Chesapeake
With a matching grant from the Maryland 1812 Bicentennial Commission, Pride, Inc, developed its first experiential education program under sail. “Pride on the Chesapeake” is focused on educating a new generation about their maritime heritage and how Pride and Pride II are continuing traditions than began over 200 years ago. The half-day sailing program engages students in hands-on activities such as setting sail and steering the ship, as well as “mindson” activities, such as comparing hull models of a Baltimore Clipper and a 19th century cargo design, envisioning the Bay without bridges or roads, and examining disparate viewpoints about the decision to go to war in 1812. The combination of physical science, history, geography, and humanities aboard a classroom on the water makes “Pride on the Chesapeake” unique, even in a region that is home to many high caliber programs.
Udate on the Charles W. Morgan Project
In the summer of 2014, Mystic Seaport will sail the 1841 whaleship CHARLES W. MORGAN to various ports in CT, RI and MA. Accompanying the vessel will be a 20,000 square foot exhibit set up on shore. This presentation will be an overview of the plans for this historic 38th Voyage.

Millennial Mates -Training Your Middle Managers
The Millennial Generation, roughly defined as those born between 1980 and 2000 have had a profound effect on the academic world and now the workplace.  Having grown up in a world of technology, instant access to information and highly structured activity, they process information and experiences far differently then previous generations.  These differences, no less apparent aboard ship, come as the maritime industry faces tremendous change in operational technology, policy and regulations.  With these two realities on a collision course, it’s imperative that organizations develop techniques to train and supervise their youngest officers. This session will examine research on Millennials in the workplace and discuss the implications on vessel operations.  Participants will be divided into working groups and presented a case study to discuss.  The working groups’ findings will be shared and discussed
HR and You -An Up toDate Guide to Understanding Hiring, Firing and Other Legalities of Having Employees
Even if you have a good human resource department they aren't always on the front line. Captains, Mates, Program Directors, Directors, CEOs all need to have a little HR department inside them so that they don't make a critical mistake when dealing with an employee. This session will discuss the process of hiring someone and documenting
their progress with your company. We will also touch on how to cover your company's tuchus when it comes time to fire someone and how to protect yourself from harassment charges.
Closing Remarks
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Annual Sail Training Awards Banquet and GALA
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2000 Dinner
2100 Awards Presentation
2400 Dancing to the live music of Doc Rock-It
Lane Briggs Memorial Tea Party

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