Membership - American Sail Training Association

Atlantic Regional Meeting 2010

0800 - 0830 Registration and Coffee
0830 - 0900 Welcome and Introductions: ASTA Update
0900 - 1000 ASTA Member Program Update
1000 - 1020 Morning Break
1020 - 1130 Regulatory and Licensing Issues
    The United States Coast Guard has requested comments on the proposed final implementation of STCW for US mariners. The proposed implementation includes changes in required seatime to achieve various licenses, clarification of definitions that have been ill defined or gray for many years, and also specifies training requirements that are expensive and in some cases irrelevant to our industry.  A working group of the ASTA Ship Operations and Safety Committee (SOS) has been working to determine what aspects of the proposal may affect ASTA members and has prepared comments which were submitted in ASTA’s name to the USCG at a public comment session regarding this docket held at USCG Headquarters in DC on Jan. 20.  Many of the proposed changes WILL affect mariners who hope to upgrade or obtain first issue merchant mariner credentials.  It is safe to say that if this proposal goes through unchanged, the challenges of attaining new licenses will increase dramatically and vessels who include any foreign portion in their program will experience extreme difficulties meeting their manning requirements.
1130 - 1230 Lunch
1230 - 1330 Focus Sessions
Sailing Vessel Rig Inspections: Update
    In response to several recent rig failures, the United States Coast Guard has begun to require Third Party rigging evaluations as part of their annual safety inspection. This action does not recognize the unique nature of the ASTA fleet and the inability of most marine surveyors to adequately assess our vessels. The Coast Guard has reached out to ASTA to develop protocols which can relieve ASTA vessels of this requirement.  For the past year, a special task group of the ASTA Ship Operations and Safety Committee has been engaged in a USCG/ASTA collaborative effort to create an
alternative to the third party rig inspections.
Navagating the Murky Waters of eCommerce 101: Naomi Kabak, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Group IST- International Specialty Travel
    A short course in how to stay in touch via the Internet which will include the development of a viable database,  targeting the audience, website design, readability, functionality - What works and what doesn't work. We'll discuss how to keep your audience interested and what you need to get your message across and close the sale.  All of this in understandable and simple terms.
1330 - 1345 Afternoon Break
1345 - 1445 Focused Topic Discussions (your suggestions)
1445 - 1515 Wrap up: Plan follow through, Upcoming meetings and events, announcements
1530 - 1700 Guided tour of the Charles W. Morgan with a discussion on her restoration and voyaging plans. Viewing of the new Shiplift and tour of the Shipyard.
    Guided tour of the Watercraft Hall where the Museum houses over 500 vessels not currently on exhibit to the public. .
1730   Dutch Treat Dinner at a local retaurant (tbd)


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