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Annual Sail Training Awards - call for nominations

All members in good standing (2010 Membership Dues are current) are encouraged to submit nominations for the American Sail Training Association's 2010 Sail Training Awards to be presented at the 38th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships, November 15 and 16, 2010 in Long Beach, CA.  If you are a current member of ASTA you may nominate programs/persons, including yours/yourself!  Please e-mail, fax, or mail your nominations along with supporting documents to Lori Aguiar in the ASTA office at
If you are not sure if your membership is current, please call or email the ASTA office. The deadline for nominations is October 15, 2010.  Categories and criteria are listed below.  
ASTA Sea Education Program of the Year
1.   Awarded to a program offered by a current ASTA member which significantly contributes to the educational credibility of program under sail.
2.   Must be offered in conjunction with a school, school system, school group or other recognized educational institution.
3.   Must have a clear curriculum of educational goals which are compatible with curriculum goals of traditional schools.
4.   Must have qualified instructors on a certified vessel. 
Sea Education Program of the Year Recipients
'94 Sea Education Association
'95 Living Classroom Foundation
'96 Orange County Marine Institute
'97 South Street Seaport Museum
'98 Harvey Gamage Foundation
'99 Mercy High School, Tall Ship Semester for Girls
'00 Class Afloat aboard CONCORDIA
'01 Great Lakes Schoolship Program of the Inland Seas Education Association
'02 BaySail's Environmental Education Program APPLEDORE IV
'04 New York City Harbor School, LETTIE G. HOWARD
'05 Bayshore Discovery Project, A. J. MEERWALD
'06 Tall Ship Semester for Girls
'07 Explorer's Program aboard ALMA
'08 Class Afloat aboard CONCORDIA
'09 Sultana Projects, Inc.
ASTA Sail Training Program of the Year 
1.   Awarded to a current ASTA member.
2.   Awarded to a program which significantly contributes to the development of   seamanship, navigation skills, teamwork, and leadership skills.
3.   Must be offered by a USCG (or national equivalent) inspected vessel.
4.   Must be offered by certified/qualified personnel.
5.   Must have clear training goals and curriculum which is compatible to the ASTA syllabus and logbook.
6.   Students must have the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge at sea
Sail Training Program of the Year Recipients
'94 Toronto Brigantine's PATHFINDER & PLAYFAIR 
'96 BRILLIANT, Mystic Seaport
'99 Sea Explorer Program
'00 Boston University's Maritime History in the Atlantic World Course aboard the HMS ROSE
'02 "Experience at Sea" LETTIE G. HOWARD
'04 Camp Schooner Discovery, OCF, Hole in the Wall Gang
'05 Tabor Academy, "Orientation at Sea" TABOR BOY
'08 LYNX
'09 Arctic Schooner BOWDOIN of Maine Maritime Academy
ASTA Sail Trainer of the Year
1.   Awarded to a current ASTA member.
2.   Awarded to an individual who makes a significant contribution to the field of sail training through the demonstration of leadership by means of empowerment and inspiration.
3.   The individual may be a Captain, crew member, volunteer, board member, etc. 
Sail Trainer of the Year Recipients
'94 Captain Walter Rybka
'95 Captain David Wood
'96 Captain Christopher Rowsom
'97 Captain Richard Bailey
'98 Alice Moore Robinson
'99 Captain Daniel Moreland
'00 Captain George Moffett
'01 Captain Bob Hodgson
'02 Captain Peg Brandon
'03 Captain Jan Miles
'04 Terry Davies
'05 Captain Tim Pyron
'06 Captain Walter Rybka
'07 Captain Ken Neal
'08 Captain Chris Sinnett
'09 Meghan Wren Briggs
ASTA Volunteer of the Year
1.   Awarded to a current ASTA member.
2.   Awarded to an individual who significantly advances ASTA's overall mission.

ASTA Volunteer of the Year Recipients
'94 Bob Walker
'95 Nick Fairhurst
'96 Tom Gochberg
'97 Gregg Swanzey
'98 Graeme Smith
'99 Thad Koza, Billy Black, Roger Archibald
'00 Alison Healy
'01 Hisakazu Nakayama
'02 Nancy Richardson
'03 Chuck Fowler
'04 Cathy Spencer
'05 Richard Rice
'06 Hal Barstow
'07 Ron Tasker
'09 Claudia Bankert
ASTA Lifetime Achievement Award

1.   Awarded to an individual who has dedicated his/her life's work to getting people to sea under sail and who has worked to preserve the traditions and skills of sail training.
Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients
'95 Biff Bowker
'96 Captain Arthur Kimberly
'98 Ernestine Bennett, Harry Anderson
'99 Ward Cleveland, Captain George Glasier
'00 Exy Johnson, VADM Thomas Weschler
'01 Captain Lane Briggs
'02 Karl Dillman
'03 Francis MacLachan
'04 Rafe Parker
'05 CAPT David V. V. Wood, USCG (Ret.)
'06 Beth Bonds, Captain David Hiott IV
'07 Captain Joe Maggio
'08 Captain Karl Mehrer
'08 Captain Walter Rybka
'09 Captain Jonathan "JB" Smith





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