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38th Annual Conference
on Sail Training And Tall Ships 2010
November 15 - 17, 2010

Queen Mary: Long Beach, California

American Sail Training Association's
38th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships

The Navigable Semicircle: Positioning for Success

"Thanks again for the incredible work you and the team did in arranging our conference on Queen Mary. That was a dream. Terrific speakers. Relevant topics. Hospitality. Those incredible ballrooms, the style, grace and elegance of that venue created a mood which is hard to describe and left a deep impression on me. So much so, that the final evening in the Queen Mary suite was bittersweet. As I looked around the room in complete admiration of this incredible group of people - you and the ASTA team, the captains, executives, Coast Guard sailors, friends and all - I was moved by how diverse and accomplished this group is. For, beyond what we all do in our day to day lives, commuting, filing, emailing, rust busting, planning, hauling on lines and whatnot we go to sea and take others with us in the hope that they can improve themselves too. There was in that suite a group of folks which can be trusted to accomplish anything. Anything. I couldn't even say good-bye. That would be too much. So I took one last look around that beautiful cabin, at those wonderful shipmates wading in conviviality, adorned with straggling feather boas and quietly slipped away taking as much of that dream as I could."

"This past year's annual conference in Long Beach was exceptional for me personally - I learned much and was able to network with colleagues doing similar things but in different parts of the world.  There were several "take-aways" which I can use immediately.  From that experience, I made a personal vow to try to attend the annual conference every other year or so even though, due to the expense, I doubt that I'll be able to attend every year. I very much look forward to my next opportunity to attend the ASTA Annual Conference.  You all did a tremendous job with this year's - well done!"

The Queen Mary
The Grand Salon, originally the First-Class Dining Room, will be the sight of the Annual Sail Traiing Awards Banquet. The Queen's Salon, originally the First-Class Main Lounge, will hold the general sessions.
The newley restored Verandah Grill (originally an exclusive First-Class night club) will be the sight of the opening welcome reception Sunday evening. The hallway on A deck leading to the First-Class cabins.
First-Class cabin Lobby
The Gallery shopping area

Long Beach, California: The Waterfront Center of Southern California
Long Beach is where the action begins and the fun never ends. From the regal Queen Mary and spectacular Aquarium of the Pacific to stirring Broadway shows, live music venues and hundreds of exclusive dining destinations--all centrally located. Shopping in Long Beach takes that experience to a whole new level; brimming with extraordinary specialty shops, colorful bazaars, trendy fashion stores and hip furniture stops--this is a shopping paradise! The free Passport shuttle  services the Queen Mary for a quick ride to all must-see Long Beach attractions. Airport-close, a brief and pleasant cruise away from Catalina Island and a short distance from Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood and everything Southern California has to offer--Long Beach is the perfect destination!  If you're planning on attending the ASTA conference - consider combining it with a vacation and bring the family!


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