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Atlantic Regional Meeting 2012

Preliminary Agenda

Agenda is preliminary and subject to change
1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Organizational News
  a 2013 Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships
  b 40th Anniversary Special Limited Edition “Sail Tall Ships!”
3. Updates on Regulatory Issues:  Report from Ship Operations and Safety Committee.  Discussion to include soliciting members’ recent experiences in these areas.
  a Rigging Inspection, and Self-Inspection protocols. 
  b Licensing changes, US compliance with STCW, status of Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rule Making
  c EPA Vessel General Permit, status report
  d New Stability Calculations
  a 2012 Recap
  b 2013 Great Lakes
  c 2014 Pacific Coast
5. Membership Benefits – What Tall Ships America does for its members
  a What we are doing now.
  b What other services do our members need
6 Member-directed topics
7. Member News

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