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Endorsed as Trainee Berth Sales Agency for Members

Next to safe operations, the most important item of ship’s business is recruiting trainees.  Whether it’s teens enrolling in a summer program, retirees embarking on a history cruise, or folks of any age signing the articles for a world voyage, the business of our ships is people.  Ensuring full enrollments can sometimes be the hardest part of sail training. Tall Ships America is pleased to announce that we have just made that task easier, through a new endorsed agency relationship with Sailing Ship Adventures.

Sailing Ship Adventures (SSA) is an established, successful agency that currently represents tall ships from all over the world.  SSA has a great reputation for providing excellent service to the ships they represent and the participants they book.  We are very happy that SSA will provide its booking services to interested Tall Ships America member vessels and programs at a very reasonable cost.

Tall Ships America receives a great volume of traffic to our website from internet search engine click-throughs.  This new functionality available from SSA will allow us to help members convert highly qualified inquiries into trainee berth sales.

Here’s how it works:

Tall Ships America provides a highly visible and direct “click through” connection from our website’s home page to SSA’s online listing. 

SSA maintains an attractive, user friendly website, that lists separately and distinctively the information about participating vessels, program content, program target demographics, sailing dates and schedules, and costs.

SSA is committed to forming a deep understanding of each listed vessel, its strengths and limits, as well as its programmatic goals, content, and desired trainee demographics.  SSA refers and matches inquiries to vessels and programs accordingly.

SSA effects the bookings and sells berths in participating vessels’ listed programs.  They provide initial customer fulfillment communications, and post program participant satisfaction follow up.  

SSA communicates regularly with a large database of current and potential participant prospects.

For its services, SSA retains a commission of 10%.  This rate is below-market for equivalent agency services, and is available as a benefit to Tall Ships America members only through this program.

Business relationship is between SSA and each Tall Ships America member vessel that chooses to participate.  Commissions, transmission of payments from bookings, processing of enrollee information, cancellations, etc.  are all handled between SSA and each participating Tall Ships America member vessel.   Tall Ships America has no involvement in the business process.

Tall Ships America has no financial interest in this relationship. Tall Ships America's only interest is to provide a valuable service to our members, and help fill berths with trainees.

Enrolling in this program is, of course, voluntary. Tall Ships America encourages each member vessel or program to give full consideration to the potential value of this service to their business.

For more information, please contact:
Dexter Donham, Sailing Ship Adventures,


TALL SHIPS AMERICA Crew Membership!  

Tall Ships America has launched a new category of membership!  Crew Memberships are now available to crew members working on Tall Ships America Member Vessels.

Crew memberships must be purchased by the member Sail Training Organization and are sold in lots of 10 for $250.  Membership application forms are sent to the member STO who then distributes them to crew members.  The memberships are valid for one year from the time Tall Ships America receives the completed application form and carry all the same benefits as an individual membership ($50) plus some added benefits.

Member organizations, such as LYNX shown above, whose entire crew become Tall Ships America members, will receive a certificate showing that they have "Full Vessel MemberSHIP" in Tall Ships America.  

Tall Ships America "Crew Members" are eligible for a discount off the registration fee for the Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships.

 For more information, or to order memberships for your crew, please contact



Allen Insurance and Financial of Camden, Maine is the officially-endorsed insurance agency of Tall Ships America. Established in 1866, Allen is an independent, employee-owned company with 70 employees specializing in providing vessel owners from around the world with choices in coverage from a variety of the industry’s best insurance companies.

Allen Insurance and Financial has insured tall ships for decades. The company’s tradition of exemplary service and competitive rates is now available to both new and returning customers. Their marine insurance experts back up these offerings with the utmost attention to detail and an emphasis on customer service.

Allen Insurance and Financial offers these products to Tall Ships America members who qualify: Hull, P&I and related vessel insurance for U.S.-flagged member vessels; hull, P&I and related vessel insurance for foreign-flagged member vessels; non-profit directors and officers liability insurance; events cancellation insurance and events liability insurance; and general business insurance for land-based operations of Tall Ships America members. 

For more information on the Tall Ships America Marine Insurance program contact Chris Richmond at Allen Insurance and Financial: 800-439-4311 or


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