Sailing to Freedom

Author and historian Dr. Timothy Walker will join Tall Ships America’s Nic Hardisty for an enlightening and engaging discussion exploring the maritime dimension of the underground railroad. Dr. Walker will provide background and information to expand understanding of how freedom for many enslaved Africans was achieved by fleeing north along the Atlantic seaboard and what that journey looked like. There will be time for live Q&A and registered participants will receive a promo code to purchase the book at a 30% discount with free shipping. This event is free, though we happily accept a suggested donation so we can keep this high-quality content alive. Register now and links to the event will be sent by email before the event.

Dr. Timothy Walker, Professor of History at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, is a scholar of maritime history, colonial overseas expansion, and trans-oceanic slave trading. Walker is a guest investigator of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, a contributing faculty member of the Munson Institute of Maritime Studies, and Director of the NEH “Landmarks in American History” workshops series, titled “Sailing to Freedom: New Bedford and the Underground Railroad” (2011–2021).