Port Captain
Full Time, starting January 2022
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The Port Captain works with the Executive Director to carry out the goals and objectives of the GHHS Board of Directors while operating the vessel in a safe and profitable manner, consistent with the GHHS mission.  Ensures safe and effective operation, maintenance, and repairs of the vessel.  Responsible for oversight of all vessel operations including: personnel, passengers, equipment, financial, and legal accountability.  Assures compliance with all applicable rules, regulations, and policies set forth by the US Coast Guard and GHHS.  Maintains a clear and open communication with the Executive Director.  Maintains a high standard of professionalism and training aboard the vessel and holds other Captains to that standard.

This is your chance to help enhance and enrich Lady Washington’s educational programming and public presence!

Reports to: Executive Director

Hours per week: Up to 84 in accordance with USCG regulations while onboard, 32 while off vessel.

Location: Onboard Lady Washington for a minimum of four months of the year, project management onboard for one-to-two months depending on scope of work, with the rest of the year telecommuting from location of choice.

Status and Salary: Salaried with benefits available after 90 days, $60,000 per year annual salary plus benefits after 90 days.


  1. Safe and effective operations
    1. Safe navigation, voyage planning, and boat handling
    2. Works with Mate to coordinate crew training and safety training
    3. Oversight of Mates and Other Captains making effective use of the ship’s crew as well as training Mate in the skills of a Captain including boat handling.
    4. Work with First Mate to maintain accurate Ship’s Safety Log
    5. Coordinate with Mate to schedule and critique monthly emergency drills including Fire, Man Overboard, Medical Emergency, Flooding, and Abandon Ship.
    6. Ensure that any incidents that occur aboard have proper reporting. Contact the proper authorities, GHHS Designated Person Shore, and fill out an incident report as soon as feasible.
  2. Compliance with applicable rules, regulations, and policies
    1. Maintain current and accurate Ship’s Log and Radio Log
    2. Operate the vessel in compliance with applicable federal regulations
    3. Operate the vessel in compliance with the rules and policies established by the GHHS Board
  3. Oversight of all ship’s operations
    1. Hiring and evaluation of crew – This position is responsible for the hiring of all paid and volunteer vessel crew.
      1. Provide and document performance evaluations of all crew while onboard. When not serving onboard, ensure the current Captain is completing evaluations.
      2. Evaluate other Captains
  • Ensure all contracts and payroll paperwork is complete
  1. When onboard, provide sea-time letters to departing crew. When not onboard, ensure the acting Captain is completing the letters.
  2. Provide letters of recommendation as appropriate
  1. Maintenance planning and execution
    1. Work with Captains, Engineers, and Bosuns to plan upcoming maintenance projects and schedules
    2. Serve as Project Manager for a minimum of one large project per year
  2. Maintain a high standard of professionalism and training aboard the vessel
    1. Conducting sail training and seamanship training in a structured and consistent manner
    2. Ensure The Seafarer Collective trainees, Tongue Point Cadets, and other students are being trained appropriately based on curriculum, identify crew weak points and provide additional training as needed to bring all crew members closer to an Able Seafarer level of knowledge.
  3. Maintain a high level of quality for GHHS educational programs
    1. Ensure that crew educators have an adequate grasp of the educational materials and are teaching the stations and interacting with students and the public in positive ways.
    2. Assist with updating the programs as needed or notifying the Executive Director when programs need changes
  4. Scheduling
    1. In partnership with the Executive Director, develop a schedule and review final drafts for time, tide, and logistical conflicts
    2. Review existing programming and recommend improvements and new programming
    3. Coordinate moorage agreements with Ports
    4. Manage charter agreements
  5. Clear and open communication with Executive Director
    1. Maintain consistent communication regarding vessel movements to and from various ports
    2. Maintain consistent communication regarding maintenance and upcoming vessel needs
    3. Review annual budgets and advise on upcoming budgets
    4. Participate in strategic planning to make the organization stronger
    5. Immediately report any problems, accidents, or incidents that require attention
    6. Attend at least one Board meeting per quarter (virtual or in person)
  6. Ensure appropriate use, proper care, and stowage of ship’s electronics and all equipment
  7. Maintain oversight of vessel systems – ensure that Mate and Engineer are current on preventative maintenance, critical spares are onboard, and digital logs are being maintained



  • Valid 100-Ton USCG Captain’s Near Coastal License with Auxiliary Sail (minimum)
  • Extensive understanding of sail theory including square rigs
  • Advanced navigation and boat handling skills
  • Ability to keep accurate, daily logs
  • Motivated to provide crew evaluations and constructive feedback
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Transparency, honesty, and a strong work ethic
  • Consistently models seamanship and professionalism for crew
  • The ability to make decisions about what is best for the organization and to participate in strategic planning.
  • A passion for sail training and education
Required certifications:
License: Master, 100t, Near Coastal
Medical: CPR

$60,000 per year plus medical, dental and vision, sick time, paid time off, vacation time, and retirement.

Lady Washington
Lady Washington


Flag: United States of America
Rig: Brig
Homeport: Grays Harbor, Aberdeen, WA
Sparred Length: 112'
LOA: 87'
LOD: 66' 9
LWL: 58'
Draft: 11'
Beam: 24'
Rig height: 89'
Freeboard: 6'
Sail Area: 4,400 square feet
Tons: 99
Hull: wood
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